Episode 39: The Secret to Living in Love
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Show Notes: 
The Secret to Living in Love

"All You Need is Love..." -John Lennon

Love is interesting because it's one of the fundamental energies of our world. Certain people also hold this as their primary energy, which creates some specific gifts and challenges.  

Bringing more Love into ALL areas of your life and relationships can be tricky. In this episode we'll share some of our deepest insights on a very misunderstood topic. 

A New Look at "Self Love" 

Trying to fill yourself up is like filling a bottomless pit. Traditional approaches to self love and self care set up a never-ending cycle which is based on a fundamental misunderstanding. 

If you want to LOVE yourself, you need to start ACCEPTING yourself first.  

Self-Judgement, Blame and Shame will DESTROY love. When you remove these blocks, Love can flow more freely in all areas of your life.  

Love and Money?? 

What does Love have to do with Money? A lot more than you might think. If you're judging yourself, or don't think you're worthy, you will NOT be making the income you want.  

The more Self-Acceptance you have, the more freely energy can flow in your life. This shouldn't be confused with complacency. You can take EXTREME OWNERSHIP over the choices you've made which have landed you exactly where you're at, WHILE simultaneously fully accepting where you're at.  

Loving Relationships...  

The first key to loving relationships is extending that same acceptance to others. That means not expecting them to be any different than they are...EVER!  

Having properly assessed the character of the other person, the next step is to communicate appropriately and create boundaries as necessary.  

You wouldn't snuggle with a wild rattlesnake. Some people behave like rattlesnakes, apt to poison those around them with drama and trauma. You can still accept those people fully WHILE keeping them at a healthy distance. 

Intimate relationships require a healthy balance of INDEPENDENCE and CLEAR communication. These relationships affect your life and your children, therefore, there is an obligation to hold one another accountable to their thoughts and actions in order to keep the space and energy clean for all involved.  

How to Have More Self Acceptance 

  • You MUST stay present. When you get into the past or the future, you'll get into judgement, comparison and a whole host of other destructive thoughts. 
  • ENERGY HACK: To get present, put your left hand on your heart and say "It's totally OK for me to be EXACTLY where (who, what) I am. 
  • Never lose sight of the highest vision for who you want to be in your life. You can push yourself with Love. A little kick in the ass might not FEEL loving, but that doesn't make it so.  

Question of the Week about Manifesting (36:00) 

We received a fantastic question from one of our listeners, a teacher, who wants to make enough money to go part time next year. Yet, once she finished the school year, all she wants to do is STOP and relax.  If you're stuck in a cycle of stopping and starting and constantly trying to build momentum in your life or your business, you'll find some great insights here. 

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