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Episode 38: The Universe is Freakin' FAST...
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Show Notes from Nick and Kisma: 
The Universe is Freakin' FAST

The universe is freak’n fast so annihilate the procrastination and start living your life the way you want it to be!

When you annihilate procrastination in your life, you not only reap the immediate rewards you also start gaining incredible momentum in taking actions on your future choices.

Everyday there are so many new opportunities you have to make choices on. Which leads you to more procrastination.  Not taking the action on your choice affects your life from within yourself causing the effect that you see on the outside.

Are You Self-Sabotaging? 

While you may not realize you’re doing it to yourself, you may be experiencing self-sabotage as it is the cause of many situations and reasons of more procrastination. Your Beliefs, paradigms and thoughts dictate how you do (or don't do) things.

Letting Go of Fear...

If you are procrastinating because of fear, let the fear go. Your fear is only a symptom of your beliefs. Taking action will kill the fear, eliminate your resistance and move you past procrastination. Fear of Failure is a common thought but you must realize that failure is a gift of success. It is only there to show you the way.

Getting into the Natural Flow of Life...

Everyone experiences these 3 distinct qualities throughout the day. 

  • Tamasic - lazy indolent disposition
  • Rajasic - go go go , I’m going to do do do, very active
  • Sattvic - peaceful nature with dynamic action

These qualities also reflect in your personality and your actions. 

Rajasic time is 6am to 6pm - This is your work day, your action time. Doing what it is you do

Tamasic time is from 6pm to 4am - Mainly your relax time

Sattvic time is 4am to 6am - This is your peaceful time, for being focused, for studying, learning, making any kind of change in your life and especially when you want to plant new seeds. 

If you are procrastinating, especially during the Rajasic part of the day, it creates more turmoil and chaos towards that you are wanting to accomplish.

"The universe is so freak’n fast and it is important to take action as soon as possible.

Annihilate procrastination by making the decision and start running with it." - Kisma

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