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Show Notes: 
3 Keys to Successful Relationships

Relationships are EVERYTHING

Literally EVERYTHING in our lives involve relationships. Whether it's relating to the people in your life, your relationship with yourself, or even the things in your life, you're constantly in relationship. 

Improving your ability to relate effectively will literally improve every area of your life. 

In this episode we show you 3 Keys to Successful Relationships

Key #1: Acceptance

Definitely check out last week's episode "The Secret to Living in Love" for additional insight on this one. Acceptance is fundamental. Without it, you are relating to YOUR idea of who or what the other person should be, rather than who or what the other person ACTUALLY IS. 

The vast majority of agitation in relationships is a result of poor assessments or unreasonable expectations placed on the other person. This causes a destructive cycle of Expectation -> Disappointment -> Blame... 

Key #2: Attitude of Service

Service is a fundamental need. It's necessary for our own growth and development, and it's an essential ingredient for lasting happiness. 

In relationships, this attitude of service helps you to take things less personally, stay out of drama, and consistently be moving toward higher ground. 

There are obviously some nuances with proper boundaries, and what actually constitutes 'service' in order to stay out of co-dependency and one-sided relationships. You may need to re-listen to this section. 

Key #3: Stay True to Yourself

Staying true to yourself is absolutely necessary so that YOU can do what you're here to do. Comparison and judgement will not help you have successful relationships because superiority and inferiority are simply flip sides of the same coin. 

The dichotomy is that you have a UNIQUE role to play in the world, yet you are only one spoke in the wheel. Play your role brilliantly and get on with it! 

Question of the Week: What is my Soul's Purpose? (36:23)

We received a fantastic question from one of our listeners, who hasn't been able to connect with her soul's purpose and doesn't know where to start. 

Questions about the Soul can be a little tricky, so even if you think you know YOUR purpose, you'll definitely want to check out this question. We share how to KNOW and how to start EMBODYING this purpose, no matter where you are on your path. 

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