Episode 41: How to Have Ultimate Freedom
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Show Notes: 
How to Create ULTIMATE Freedom

Creating your OWN freedom

Ultimate freedom really and truly is an incredible state that you can create. Creating an emotion of freedom for yourself will set you on the path to ultimate freedom. Best part is, you can do this anytime you choose.

Trapped in Hell on Earth

When you look around in the world and see how many of us humans are suffering and creating our own hell on Earth from the lack of freedom, it certainly seems almost impossible to find freedom of any kind. Just know that life can take your freedom as well as give it back to you.

Common path to seeking freedom

The most direct path to freedom that I see people go after, is money. If you have the money then you can buy time, you can buy the power, you can set up your life in a way that you're totally free to make any choices you choose. I’m not against having lots of money, but this is not the ultimate freedom that you are truly are seeking and wanting to have!

Dependent on the outside and not within

Whether it's feeling loved, whether it's feeling connected, whether it's feeling safe, successful, accomplished, whatever that feeling is that you get, holds you free for only a time. It is when you set up your internal dispositions in your life towards the outer part in your life, is when the real potential of freedom begins. The relationship you have with the world, really is the ultimate relationship and absolutely has to do with everything in your life. Freedom included.

Your Ultimate Freedom

Having your ultimate Freedom is really a choice. Your choice, your decision. You alone always have the choice to decide what your mental state is going to be. You decide what your day's going to be like. You decide what is possible. The way you feel is your choice.  Learning self-mastery is vital to having your ultimate freedom.

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