Episode 42: The Secret to Instant Healing
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Special Guest Dr. Frank J. Kinslow

International bestselling author, teacher and founder of the Kinslow System®, Dr. Frank Kinslow is the discoverer of Quantum Entrainment®, a simple yet effective healing technique with far reaching effects on both personal health and happiness. Since its discovery in 2009, tens of thousands of people around the world have learned QE® bringing healing and harmony to themselves, their family and their friends. QE not only benefits physical and mental health but improves job satisfaction, overcomes financial worries and deepens personal relationships.

Frank has been researching and teaching health and healing techniques for more than 45 years. He draws from his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician, meditation teacher and quantum physics enthusiast. Frank is considered a spiritual visionary whose simple, practical teaching lets the student experience in hours or days what may otherwise take years. Quantum Entrainment, which does not require special training, talent or belief, is founded on both sound scientific principles and esoteric insights.

As a gift to our audience, Dr Frank is offering his audio book, The Secret of Instant Healing. Click on the 'Download Now' button to get your free copy now. 

Show Notes:
The Secret of Instant Healing with Dr. Frank J. Kinslow
Instant Healing

Instant healing is not just about sickness, it is for all areas of your life. You living your full potential in the life that you are creating needs instant healing. Healing effects every part of your life. To understand the term Instant Healing, look at it as, Pure Awareness. Pure awareness being a nothingness.

Enlightenment Just At Your Finger Tips

When you are trying so hard to find enlightenment in your life you may find yourself worse off. Becoming sick and broke. When you find yourself pushing for it, forcing it, struggling to grasp the enlightenment that you so desire, you are actually pushing it away farther from yourself. Your actions and thoughts might be creating your desire to be just out of reach. This is why instant healing is so important.

Pure Awareness

A single perception in your state of pure awareness can change your life. You may understand it intellectually, and still live in the opposite of what you are striving for. Your actions and thoughts might be creating your desire to be just out of reach. It is when you find that state of pure awareness is when the magic begins. Letting go of your resistance, ridding of the clutter, creates that shift of perception in you, allowing you to have that “Eufeeling”.

"The Eufeeling is the essence of creation”– Dr.Frank J. Kinslow

The Eufeeling ( 8:04 )

The “Eufeeling” is the essence of creation. Quantum physics describes this “Eufeeling” a vacuum state or zero point energy. For us, it is the source of order, of harmony, it basically is the essence of healing, instant healing. When you perceive the “Eufeeling” you naturally without effort open your awareness to that which is everything, harmonious and healing.

“How do you do something without experiencing nothing?”– Dr.Frank J. Kinslow

A Simple Exercise

This simple exercise (32:33) is a quick and easy way of understanding what is possible with Eufeeling. The simplicity of this can almost be deceiving but the results you will get are not. You can learn more by downloading Dr. Frank J. Kinslow’s FREE audio book and let Eufeeling instant healing change your life today!

The audio book:

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