Episode 43: How to Deal with 'Negative' People
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Show Notes: 
How to Deal with Negative People
4 Tips for Less Stress and More Ease in Life

How to Deal With Negative People in Your Life

Have you been noticing a lot more negative people in your life lately? Does it seem like you are with a negative person?  Does it seem like you hear more negativity from the people around you?  If this sounds like your situation then you are going to love our episode on how to deal with negative people in your life.

Is Negativity Controlling Your Life

Having negative energy bombarding you every day is very exhausting. Draining you of your energy and of course, effecting everything else in your life.  You stopping or avoiding the things that you love to do in life because of not wanting to see that negative person again, is not going to change anything, other than you not allowing yourself to be free and enjoy life like you are meant to.

Defining Negativity

Negativity is a lack of positivity. When you are experiencing negativity, you essentially are in a place of lack. A lack of positivity. Basically, you are not aligned with your highest and best self. Learning how to deal with negative people in your life starts on the inside.


A great place to start is by asking yourself questions like, why do you think this is so negative? This creates the pause or jolt in your brain that stops what could become an obsessive discordant thought flow. By asking yourself these types of questions, you put your mind in the inquiring thought flow instead of the judgemental thought flow.


Certain environments can be more challenging for you. Loud chaotic places for an example. If you know you have to be there put your best intentions forward by setting up a time limit of how long you are going to be there. When you are in the situation you can fully enjoy it knowing that you are there for only a moment in time.

Your Social Media

Social media has become a way for many to express who they are and what their beliefs are. When you come across negative posts that you begin to have negative thoughts about, remember that post is not about you, but about the other person.  If you become negatively engaged in the post that you deemed negative, you are only bringing on more negativity.

Double Your Positivity

If you begin to double your own positivity, you will see less negativity. When you come across the negative, put out double positivity and the negativity will rapidly start to diminish out of your life. Do you have any questions on how to deal with negative people? Email or contact us for any questions you have, we love to answer them! Don’t forget to check out our Free video series at

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